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DSE Workstation Assessments

For over 10 years Occupational Health Recruitment has provided a comprehensive and integrated DSE Risk Assessment Service allowing UK Businesses to meet the requirements of the Health & Safety (display screen equipment) Regulations 1992. Workstation assessments are an often overlooked practice and used correctly they can show huge benefits to your employees and your company including increased productivity, increased motivation, reduction in staff sickness and higher customer and client satisfaction.

At Occupational Health Recruitment we have a nationwide network of Occupational Health Professionals with industry specific experience who can help. We have been supplying qualified Occupational Health Advisors to undertake DSE assessments across the UK for the past 10 years to a high standard and with great success.
The service is totally flexible and you can choose all or part of it to suit the situation and your in house expertise.

The service options include:

Basic DSE Assessment (£100 for one - discounts for multiple bookings)
30 minute Phone based DSE assessment with our Qualified Occupational Health Nurse Advisor (OHNA), covering the basics, desk, VDU, keyboard, mouse, chair and working environment, including confidential report with recommendations.
(Recommended for new starters or employees with minor DSE issues)

• Advanced DSE Assessment (£195 For one - discounts for multiple bookings)
45 minute to 1 hour face to face advanced DSE assessment with our qualified Occupational Health Nurse Advisor, covering in depth assessment of: - VDU, desk, keyboard, mouse, chair and working environment, including confidential report with recommendations. 
(Recommended for employees with obvious pain management needs)


• Vehicle Risk Assessment (£250 for one - discounts for multiple bookings)
45 minute to 1 hour face to face vehicle assessment with our qualified Occupational Health Nurse Advisor, taking place in the employee's vehicle including looking extensively at seat design and posture, including confidential report with recommendations.

Please be aware we do not sell accessories, furniture or chairs so our assessments are presented to you with only the wellbeing of your employee in mind. However if there is a need to recommend equipment we can advise on a few cost effective suppliers.

A DSE Assessment from OH Recruitment

All too often, the benefits of a thorough workstation assessment are overlooked. We have the DSE training, qualifications and experience to ensure your company meets health and safety law, and can make working life better for your members of staff.

We can offer a basic DSE assessment, or a more advanced workstation assessment. The simpler DSE assessment involves half an hour on the phone with one of our occupational health nurse advisers, who has the DSE training to ask all the right questions about the keyboard, mouse, chair and other aspects of the working environment.

The more advanced workstation assessment is held face to face with an assessor with a similar level of DSE training, and takes up to an hour. For both this and our other type of DSE assessment, we supply a comprehensive and confidential report afterwards. This type of workplace assessment is suited to staff who clearly need some help with pain management.

We also have the DSE training and expertise to help pregnant employees with a DSE assessment or work risk assessment. We have the DSE training to advise on everything from hazardous substances to postures and working routines.


What is a Work Risk Assessment?

A work risk assessment protects your most valuable asset - your employees - from harm and ensures your business fulfils its legal obligations. The law doesn't expect you to eliminate risk completely, but a workplace assessment allows you to focus on those risks which pose the greatest threat to your workforce's safety. And often, a workplace assessment recommends simple measures to help - it can be as cheap and easy as ensuring all spillages are cleared up promptly.

So a workstation assessment doesn't have to be over-complicated. Instead, a workplace assessment should be broken down into manageable elements - such as identifying the hazards, as well as who could be harmed, and how. Once a workstation assessment has evaluated the risks, and recommended the precautions to be taken, findings from it should be recorded and implemented.

The other thing to remember about a workplace assessment is that it needs to be reviewed and updated regularly - otherwise, a work risk assessment becomes effectively meaningless.

In many organisations, the risks are already known, and the necessary measures easily applied. And, remember, a workstation assessment can boost productivity and motivation, as well as customer satisfaction, while reducing staff sickness.

Especially for larger businesses, it makes sense for an outside adviser to carry out the work risk assessment.

A Work Risk Assessment from OH Recruitment

At OH Recruitment, we're one of the UK's largest occupational health recruitment organisations. However, we do much more than put the right person in the right job. We provide a complete workplace assessment service, and we could give your business a full display screen equipment or DSE assessment, thanks to the high level of our DSE training.

To discuss your requirements on any of the above, please contact Heena Mistry or Victoria Andrews:-

Tel: 020 8202 3553 or email enquiries@ohrecruitment.co.uk



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