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Highly Cost Effective Flu Vaccination Programmes - UK Wide

Offering your staff a flu jab is cost effective, enhances employee well being and promotes a healthier work force.
Research has shown that an effective flu vaccination campaign can result in a reduction in staff illness in some cases by about 50%

In an average year, between 20% and 30% of your workforce will succumb to the influenza virus. The results:

Occupational Health Recruitment can arrange for an experienced and qualified Occupational Health Nurse to travel to your site anywhere in the UK and manage your flu vaccinations.

Uniquely, our First Aid Products Division known as "Safety First Aid" can also supply you the vaccines at highly competitive rates if required. Please contact them directly at sales@safetyfirstaid.co.uk for a competitive quote.

To find out more about information about vaccinating your workforce, please call 020 8202 3553 or email your enquiry to  enquiries@ohrecruitment.co.uk


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