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Health and Safety Officer Jobs in the Public Sector

Filed under: Occupational health jobs — fox @ 2:27 pm August 11, 2011

The role of HSE representatives in all environments can present diverse challenges and bizarre opportunities (even Alton Towers needs to be H&S compliant, after all!), and in terms of the day to day role, few are less than ordinary.

Perhaps the most dexterous positions are within Local Authority Health and Safety jobs. Local Authority Healthy and Safety officer jobs can focus across the working spectrum, from garages to churches, nurseries to catering premises. Whereby large corporations tend to employ industry-specific Health and Safety officers, Local Authorities rely heavily upon dexterous officers who learn fast, carry extensive knowledge and can adapt easily and comprehensively to the varied tasks ahead of them.

The reputation of H&S in the public arena has been somewhat tarnished of late thanks to the widespread use of “political correctness gone mad” as an excuse to either ban an event or activity (e.g. not allowing kids to play football at break in case they trip over the ball) Or, conversely, to complain about legally relevant H&S implementations simply because they’re mildly inconvenient (e.g. not allowing employees to hop over the car park fence next to the front entrance because it’s closer than walking to the gate, even though the fence is waist-high and could easily cause a serious fall)

In the public sector, this kind of view is common and tends to be to the eternal frustration of those working in Health and Safety jobs. As far as career development and experience go, working under the public sector banner can be invaluable in offering broad knowledge and priceless on-the-job know-how.

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