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What's the latest news within Occupational Health and OH Recruitment...

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Health & Working Beyond Pensionable Age
The Correlation Between Working Beyond Pension Age and Health A recent study has concluded that the potential health benefits of working beyond state pension age (SPA) depend in part on…
Yoga For Stress Management
Use of Yoga in Stress Management
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Possible cuts in OH within NHS
As we are all aware, the NHS is facing a major funding crisis and Occupational Health could be among some of the functions being ear marked for cuts and savings by efficiency…
Could Night Shift Work Damage DNA?
According to a recent study, the DNA of night-shift workers may become damaged as the release of melatonin, an antioxidant, is reduced.
OH work preferences survey results released
Occupational Health Recruitment has over the last few months been studying the preferences of the Occupational Health workforce via a voluntary on-line survey.
Some workers at Risk Of Rheumatoid Arthritis ?
Some workers whose work involves regular and repetitive physical elements could be at a higher than normal risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, recent research has suggested.

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